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Let's see how far you can go using Apple's built-in software for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also discover how to use your devices to create memorable slideshows, exciting movies, and one-of-a-kind photo projects.

Creating Documents with Pages


Pages, Apple's free version of Microsoft Word, is not only a powerful word-processing program but also an incredible graphic design tool. We'll break down each feature step-by-step and explore the differences between the programs on the Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers


Creating spreadsheets can be completely overwhelming. We'll explore how Numbers, Apple's free version of Excel, can simplify the process and then automatically generate easily understood tables and charts from your data.

Creating Perfect Presentations with Keynote


Keynote, Apple's free version of PowerPoint, is the ultimate presentation tool. Combining the ease of document creation from Pages with powerful animations and audio tools, you'll wow them at your next public speaking engagement, HOA meeting, or marketing pitch. Familiarity with Pages is recommended before diving into Keynote.

Telling Stories with iMovie


While iMovie may not make you the next Cecil B DeMille, it can help you turn your photos and video clips into compelling stories or slideshows. We'll explore all the ways that this software can help your imagination express itself through images and sound.

Photo Projects Using 3rd Party Apps


There are so many amazingly powerful photo editing apps. We'll look at six of my favorites that allow me to add subtle filters, text, smooth skin tone, create double exposures, and erase unwanted elements. This is a hands on workshop, so bring photos to manipulate.