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Focusing on communication, organization, syncing, sharing, and storage, This is where we start to dive-deep into the apps and features that make Apple's products so special.

Staying in Touch with Your iPhone and iPad


We'll be discovering all of the ways that your device helps you communicate. We'll be diving into Contacts, Email, Face Time, and Messages. We'll also talk about the pros and cons of Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Using iPhone or iPad to Stay Organized


Calendars, Reminders, Notes, and Safari! There are so many ways that iPhone and iPad can help us stay organized! We'll look at some of the tricks and tips within each app as well as lay down some best practices to help you succeed in the future.

Clearing Up iCloud


Apple's iCloud can be overwhelming. In this comprehensive discussion, we'll break down what iCloud is and what it isn't. The discussion starts with the all-important Apple ID - the key that opens and locks everything. We'll talk about passwords and options to store them securely. We'll explore each of iCloud's settings, including how iCloud can both sync and store your photos, so you can decide what works best for you.

Using Your Mac to Manage Your Communications


The Mac has so many communication tools besides Email. We'll explore options like Contacts, Messages, and FaceTime. There are some great tips and tricks within each of these apps that can make staying in touch more personal and fun.

Customizing Your Mac's Organizational Systems


Questions like "Where did I put that?" and "Where did that go?" will finally get some answers as we break down Mac's Finder app. We'll also look at Bookmarks in Safari, keeping your Calendar up to date, and the Reminders app to stay on track.

Organizing Your Photos on iPhone, iPad, or Mac


We offer an entire class on this because there are so many options! From using the system that comes with the App to creating Albums to sharing wonderful moments with friends. The magic really happens when we explore all the ways the App can sort your photo for you. The process is remarkably similar on all of the devices, so all are welcome!

Editing Your Photos on the Mac


The Photos app on your Mac is so much more than an organizational tool. There is powerful editing programming built right in! From quick, powerful, broad solutions to finely tuned and nuanced changes, there are so many options available. We'll play with all the tools and give you time to create as well!

Editing and Sharing Your Photos on iPhone or iPad


Editing your photos on the go is easy with iPhone and iPad! The editing features within the Photos app are right at your fingertips so you can make changes and enhancements on the fly. And sharing those photos has never been easier!