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A great jumping-off spot for those new to Apple's products, these courses are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. For those who have had some experience with their products, this is a great chance to learn some great tips and tricks!

iPhone/iPad Basics


These classes are designed to get you up and running. We'll discover the basic features that often get skipped over when you get a new device and make sure you're comfortable with the necessary physical interactions. Finally, we'll explore best practices to help your device run smoothly for the long haul.

Getting to Know Your Mac


A Mac is a mighty tool that can help you accomplish nearly anything. This introductory exploration literally starts at the beginning and works through all the options that are immediately available to you right out of the box. We'll take a look at some key settings to maximize efficiency, establish some best practices, and show you some great short cuts.

The App Store, Book Store, & iTunes


iPhones, iPads, and Macs are just the beginning. The App Store, Book Store, and iTunes lay limitless choices before you. From great apps for work and relaxation, your favorite books, or creating custom playlists and radio stations – the world is at your fingertips. We'll also take a look at Apple Music, Apple's streaming music service so you can see if it's right for you.

iPhone/iPad Photography


More photos are taken with iPhones than any other camera in the world. We'll play with all aspects of the Camera App from composition to controlling exposure. We'll try and take the perfect selfie and look at some tools that will encourage your artistic side in whole new ways.